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Picture of Marion Ray Kimbrell

Marion Ray Kimbrell

Day of Death 09-17-2022

Picture of Richard Lee Summers

Richard Lee Summers

Day of Death 09-20-2022

Picture of Michael Anthony Brandon

Michael Anthony Brandon

Day of Death 09-10-2022

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Welcome to Wilson Funeral Home

Choosing among funeral providers is a difficult decision. Whether it's the result of necessity or a desire to be prepared, there are many factors to consider. Will your needs and wishes be met? Do you know and trust the director? What is the firm's reputation? With such a serious matter it's wise to get all the facts before making your selection.

Our mission has been to help lighten the burden and improve the experience that one has when going through a difficult time after a death. We achieve this through a family of well-trained professionals, who through their sensitivity and creativity help guide you.